Today’s marketing environment is as challenging as ever; especially for small businesses and professional practices that lack big company resources to deal with this most vital component of their success. It doesn’t help that your marketing options are endless. How do you know what works and what doesn’t? If a marketing option works for one business, will it work for you too?

In our experience, businesses too often do their marketing in one of two ways:

1) They do what everyone else is doing; we call this ’’monkey see, monkey do marketing”.

2) They improvise punctually as ‘’opportunities’’ to market their business arise.

Both of these approaches are recipes for disaster. Outside of luck, people pay big bucks to enjoy as entertainment in places like a Las Vegas Casino, you are practically guaranteed to see disappointing results, the waste of vital resources, most important of which is your time, you most precious nonrenewable resource.

You have better things to do. IBPROM takes the trial and error out of marketing for you. By focusing on small business and professional practices, IBPROM has developed market segment expertise that is second to none in the marketing advisory environment. We have developed custom made marketing campaigns, tools and processes that are tried, tested and have proven their ability to promote your business and deliver results.

And this is why we can confidently say that we are the true global marketing expert for small businesses and professional practices.

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IBPROM’s greatest strength is its people. Some of our team members have worked in the high-octane political environments of government and know first-hand what it is like to be centre stage and work under the constant pressures of that public affairs environment. All have had rich, varied and in-depth private sector experience. The combination makes for a dynamic, balanced group of individuals that are ready to deliver results. Our team is well-equipped to deal with any and all your marketing needs.


Google, Bing, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, just to name those, IBPROM and or its various marketing partners hold the best-in-class certifications available for any marketing expert. It’s the best way to ensure the quality of our work, and we can benchmark our results against the best of best in the field.


We pride ourselves in over delivering. It’s all about exceeding your expectations. We do this by providing exceptional service and delivering fantastic results. Each of our team members is incentivised to update & broaden their skills and knowledge on an ongoing basis. Our team stays on top of the latest marketing best practices, trends and strategies so you don’t have to. The cornerstone of our training system is our 8-star best in class customer service program. It is mandatory training for every new and existing IBPROM team member.


Although IBPROM has chosen to service the small business and professional practice field exclusively, our industry experience has much-needed depth and experience that allows us to share knowledge, marketing experience, testing, and results across various industries, making us the go-to marketing expert for those who want results.

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Marketing isn’t meant to be hard and painful. It should be fun, an expression of who you are, of the value you want to generate for your community and your area of expertise. Small is beautiful, and simplicity is bliss. That said, no business can afford to waste financial resources with hit and miss marketing campaigns, particularly small business and professional practice owners. IBPROM and its team of marketing experts will make your marketing a lot more fun and entertaining. Our professionals will make your campaigns seamless and worry free.

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The IBPROM team includes some experienced teachers and trainers who are always looking to improve the IBPROM marketing methodology, as well as practical issues of how the team can better work every day. They also work hard developing, deploying and delivering the IBPROM proprietary ‘’Killer Profitable’’ training series. This comprehensive series includes training on all major components of the IBPROM marketing methodology as well as various other areas of interest to many small business and professional practice owners, such as ‘’How To Sell A Killer Profitable Course Online’’.

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IBPROM does not lock you into a long-term service contract. You are free to cancel our services at any time. If our results don’t meet your expectations, we want you to have the flexibility to move on without any additional hassles. That’s how confident we are in our team, method and systems and most importantly, our dedicated team and their ability to deliver the goods. It’s no surprise our client retention rate is close to 100%.

At IBPROM, we like to do things differently. Enjoy the peace of mind of our contract-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee working environment. It is designed to keep you happy and stress-free. Please don’t hesitate to ask us any additional questions in regards to the program during your no-obligation free strategy session.

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IBPROM’s goal is to make our clients the number one service provider in their market and within their particular field of expertise. Since there can only be one top performer in a given market, and we can’t compete against ourselves, we chose only to work with one particular specialist exclusively. Giving you a significant competitive advantage is why we do this. If you work with us, we will never represent a competitive offer in your market. The downside is that you should expect a cold shoulder from your competitors; they may not be as friendly with you as they may have been.

Although IBPROM has chosen to service the small business and professional practice field exclusively, our industry experience has much-needed depth and experience that allows us to share knowledge, marketing experience, testing, and results across various industries.

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Let’s face it; we have all had less than memorable experiences with not so professional service providers that have disappointed us. That is why we have chosen to take the risk and put our valuable time, money and resources where our mouth is.

How confident are we? Well simply put, if what we offer you does not work or you don’t like the results, we will not take your money. It is that simple. We understand that when you are choosing a marketing company, you’re not buying something that is tangible. In fact, you may not know what you are buying.

What we do know is marketing and our team’s ability to promote your business and deliver results. We are so confident in marketing services we will provide you that we offer you a 100% money back guarantee. Our guarantee applies to all IBPROM products and services.

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Most marketing firms will charge for consultation services. For a limited time only, IBPROM is offering a 30-minute, no-obligation strategy session, valued at $97. It is a great opportunity for you to get a sense of who we are, what we do and how we can help you with your marketing. For more information or to schedule your free strategy session, please call (888) 700-5982, or fill in an application by clicking this link.

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Financial flexibility is a key decision factor for small businesses everywhere. IBPROM offers the convenience of flexible payment plans for all the creative services we provide, from our websites to our pay-per-click management services, to our educational products. We offer 0% financing and accept all the main credit cards.