full service marketing agency


IBPROM is a full-service marketing agency that works exclusively with small business and professional practice owners just like you. We have a strong passion for building exclusive, customised marketing programs that help our clients attract more and better clients, customers or patients automatically.

The IBPROM full-service marketing agency can service your every need and manage as much of your marketing as you require. Our specialists make attracting new clientele a comfortable process, so you don’t have to worry about having enough work to sustain your business or practice.

Ultimately, we want our private clients to see highly profitable ROI (returns on investment) with their marketing. To help you make more money, grow your business or practice, and dominate your market, we will implement a variety of marketing strategies for you.

How Can IBPROM Transform Your Company Marketing Strategy?

Every market is different. However, we recommend certain strategies based on a budget you feel comfortable with and what has worked well in similar markets. The first step in our consultation process is our introductory strategy session. This 30-minute interview will allow us to determine your goals and objectives and establish a game plan.

Below you will find a list of services we can implement for you. We explain more about what these are and how they can help you during your no-obligation strategy session. Strategically, our main objective will be to increase your visibility by positioning you, your business or practice, as an authority within the environments where your ideal prospects are actively looking for you or your products and solutions.

All-inclusive Traditional and Digital Marketing Services

Custom Website Design
Graphic design
Print Ad design
Custom Direct Mail
E-mail Marketing
SEO Search Engine Optimization
Content writing (website content, blog articles, Ebooks, Reports)
Scripting and narrative development
Press Releases
Reviews & Ratings Management


Google Adwords
Yahoo/Bing PPC
YouTube Ads
Facebook Ads

Analysis & Consulting

Website optimization
Social media management and monitoring
Keyword research and strategy development

Voice services

Outbound & inbound call centre consulting
Automated Voice Recognition technology
Recorded message scripting
Call Tracking, Analytics

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