About IBPROM Corporation

About IBPROM Corporation

Any entrepreneur will tell you we can always make more money. Time, on the other hand, is a zebra with very different stripes. Excuse my Latin, but when that sucker leaves the building, it is gone – as in vanished – never to return again. Nothing irritates me more than feeling like I am wasting my time. When I visit websites, these “about” pages are particularly irritating.

Where's the beefToo often, they remind me of that 1980’s Wendy’s commercial spot with their Clara Peller pronouncing that now mythical marketing grabber & tagline: ”Where’s the beef?!?”. Three powerful words that delivered such a powerful one-two punch to Wendy’s competition.

Typically, this kind of page tells people about a company’s leader and why you should trust him or her and their business to do whatever it is you need doing. Most people skim over it – I know I often do. I thought I would try something different, and tell you more about how my team and I think about marketing. The idea being that it will say more about us than a fluffed up version of our, albeit impressive, professional resumes. To the traditionalists out there, bear with us.


Getting your attention has become a most difficult skill to cultivate. Everything around us is marketing. Someone, somewhere, is promoting or selling us, trying to convince us of something, all the time. It has become a permanent, never-ending effort. A twenty-four hour, seven days a week, grinding, hand-to-hand combat battle among planetary marketing professionals. It makes for a lot of chatter, noise, a dirty and confusing mess on most days.

As your presence on this page demonstrates, it is anything but impossible for a professional who knows what they are doing. You are the happy ”victim” of a strategically well thought out, meticulously executed and micro-targeted marketing campaign. Ask yourself the question: ”how did I get here?”

Maybe you heard one of my Success Crumbs podcast episodes? Did you read one of my bestselling books like Killer Profitable Marketing for small business and professional practices? Perhaps you saw one of my contributing articles on a major news outlet like Huffington post? You could have been the mere victim of your curiosity after seeing one of our often colourful micro-targeted advertisements on a popular social media outlet like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, or a pay-per-click ad on a major search engine like Google or Bing. All of the above elements converge on one primary purpose and our first objective: to get you here.

Are You Connecting to the Right CLients at the Right Time?

Generating traffic is relatively easy and not particularly expensive. The tricky part isn’t the quantity of traffic, but rather its quality. Targeting the right people at the right moment, that is the ”hard” stuff. Those are skills you can only develop over time in the school of hard knocks through multiple trials under fire. Getting the right people to visit our marketing real estate and ultimately convert them into happy, see you again soon, recurring lifetime clients. After all, the finality of any good marketing campaign exercise is the acquisition of more quality clients, customers or patients.

BLUE TARGETIt will be no surprise to you that this process is no accident. What may surprise you is that in truth, we choose you more than you choose us. Let me explain.

IBPROM is a Boutique, Full-Service Marketing Agency. Are You One of the Chosen Few?

IBPROM can only take on so many clients at any one given time. Intensity will vary, but on most days, we are effectively at full capacity. For us to deliver the level of quality our clients have come to expect from us, we can only take on so much work. In fact, we regularly have an opening window on our landing page apologising for the fact that we are not accepting any new clients. We also state quite deliberately that if you are looking to hire a marketing partner on the cheap, the chances are that IBPROM will not be a good fit for you and your business or practice.

Now, for some visitors, these messages may seem a tad presumptuous, even offensive. In fact, we expect some people to be severely turned off by the language. For us, that is an acceptable level of collateral damage since the message is truthful and frankly, if these words alone offend you then chances are we won’t have much working chemistry, and both parties will probably be better off not working together.

We are not deliberately looking to be offensive or insulting. We have done our homework. We know exactly the type of prospective clients we want to talk to. If you don’t fit our target profile, we would rather not waste your time or ours figuring it out the hard way. In our experience, those who do stay understand what we are doing. They either do it themselves already in their business or practice and want help doing it more efficiently, or they need our help building the marketing systems that will help them do this prospective client triage, so they can have more control over not only who they serve, but how they serve them.

MSBPP Program diagramOur Laser-Focused Marketing Approach: Learning Our Secret Sauce

So, let’s talk about the actual mechanics of this meticulous triage process. By a triangulated process of elimination, we funnelled you out of the general population, and through a combination of select media and targeted messages, brought you into what we call our marketing ‘’kill zone”. We identified you as a ”ready target” that we segmented from a series of data sets we have studied and accumulated over time. They have been battle tested multiple times, refined, improved and tested again. It is a permanent effort of improving data sets, media uses, message applications, approaches and techniques.

The criteria that identified you as a target included basic demographic data like gender, age and geographical location. Those are relatively easy to acquire. Psychographic data also plays an important role. What do you read? Where do you shop? What are your political views? Are you religious? What is your favourite colour? Finally, the ”secret sauce” is in understanding a target audience’s emotional state and motivations. What keeps you awake at night? What do you fear most? Why are you here? What do you need or desire? In the end, it all comes down to two things: outcomes and results. A selfish but so very human question we subconsciously ask ourselves regularly: ”what’s in it for me?”

Once we get you on our website, we are quite deliberately going to try and persuade you that the IBPROM team is the best at what we do and that working with us is worth your precious time and hard earned money. You know and expect this. It is no surprise. However, you still need to be convinced. The quality of our persuasion technique will determine our success rate, and return on investment, our ROI.

On most days, we will fail. We know this. People are bombarded daily with sales pitches for one thing or another. It is challenging enough to keep our sanity, let alone pay attention to any single presentation. The point for us, and for you, is to understand it is a numbers game. The more people hear or read about us, preferably on multiple platforms, the better chance there is that they will do business with us at one point or another. We may miss our chance convincing you today, but chances are, you will come back. The key is to show up when you are ready. Preferably with the right solution in hand.

IBPROM Joseph SoaresJoseph Soares is a teacher, author-blogger and the host of the Success Crumbs podcast. He is a Founding Principal of IBPROM (International Business Promotion) Corp., a full-service marketing agency that works exclusively with small business and professional practice owners. Joseph also served as an adviser to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. You can follow joseph on Twitter @josephsoares.